Writing the Journey: 'The Good Doctor'

November 29, 2017

Victoria Hill-Gilbert is a participant of Writing the Journey, LBBC's writing workshop for people affected by breast cancer. The workshop is led by experienced facilitator, author and poetry therapist Alysa Cummings, who has personally experienced breast cancer. Victoria wrote the piece below, called "The Good Doctor," for the workshop. She says, "Writing is a compass for unpacking and purposefully repacking as I navigate my cancer journey." 

This is the last in a series of Writing the Journey pieces LBBC has been published on our blog throughout the fall.












The Good Doctor

I used to trust doctors.

Doctors spoke gospel.

Gospel was the order I was to follow.

Follow the protocol.

Protocol that insurance would pay.

Pay now or pay later.

Later would be too late for a curable diagnosis

Diagnosis cancer missed again and again and again.

Again I am asked to trust another doctor.

Doctors make mistakes.

Mistakes are costly for the terminal.

Terminal 5 flight 1816 to find another answer.

Answer the prognosis for this inflammatory diagnosis.

Diagnosis of very bad disease did not look good.

Good choice to self advocate and find clinical trial.

Trial for malpractice for the good doctor.

Doctor learns to be the patient.

Patient is the teacher.

Victoria Hill-Gilbert is from Syracuse, New York. She was diagnosed with metastatic inflammatory breast cancer in June 2013.

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