Eating Well After Breast Cancer

This four-part program provides hands-on learning focused on making nutritious meals on a limited budget, while also connecting women with one another as a form of peer support and learning.

Each series provides free, in-person lessons for small groups of women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer. Workshops focus on selecting and preparing nutritious foods that align with women’s dietary limitations and their appetites, which are often diminished as a side effect of cancer treatment. We partner with MANNA, a Philadelphia-based nonprofit that provides free meals to individuals fighting life-threatening illnesses, to help facilitate our workshops at their professional kitchen and with the oversight of their nutritionist.

During these classes, participants learn how to prepare a meal and identify ways to maximize their budget by shopping for local, seasonal produce and ideal sources of protein, which is particularly important for individuals diagnosed with breast cancer.

MANNA’s nutrition educators also offer ongoing support to the women involved, including nutrition counseling and continued meal assistance.  In addition to the educational and nutritional aspect of the series, the program functions as a support group for the women involved, many of whom feel isolated due to their diagnosis and have been unable to find time to pursue emotional support. Additionally, the workshop helps the women gain useful knowledge, real-life experience, and practical tips which they can apply in the future – not just for themselves, but for their families.

This program is offered at specific times during the year, and is by registration only.  For more information please contact Sharon Sood at

 The 2017-2018 program is supported by a grant from The W.W. Smith Charitable Trust.