Questions to Ask About Treatment for Metastatic Breast Cancer

When you live with metastatic breast cancer, making treatment changes becomes part of your routine. Knowing what questions to ask about the treatments offered can ease some of the worry that comes with making each decision. 

Use the list below to help guide a conversation with your care team about what treatments they recommend for you, and why.

1. Why do you believe this treatment is the best option for me right now?

2. What are the benefits of this treatment?

3. How is this medicine given?

4. How long does each treatment appointment last?

5. What are the short-term side effects?

6. What are the long-term side effects?

7. Will this medicine prevent me from enjoying daily activities?

8. What can I do to make sure I can do the things I love while I take this medicine?

9. What side effects mean I should call you immediately?

10. If this treatment does not work, or makes me feel too sick, what are my other options?

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