Save Energy

Your body is doing a lot of work to heal. This may leave you without the energy to perform all your daily tasks. Here are some tips on how to save energy for the important things.

Get organizedIf getting up and moving around is difficult, prepare a place to sit with everything you need for a certain task, like paying the bills or cooking. 

Schedule your errandsPlan to run errands together to save on extra trips, and do them at a time of day when you have the most energy.

Prioritize your dayWhen you set a schedule, you can see what you have to do in a day and focus on the things that are most important. Consider moving less important things to another day.

Take a napA short "power nap" of 30 minutes or less can give you a boost of energy. But set an alarm: a long nap can make it hard to sleep when you go to bed later. 

Change work schedules, if you canSpeak with your boss about working fewer or different hours during treatment. Most of the time, this request is called Reasonable Accommodation. 

For more challenging tasks, consider looking for services or charities that can help. Some grocery stores will deliver groceries directly to your home. Friends and family may also be willing to help you with errands. Set up a calendar for people to sign up for tasks and chores, like doing laundry or driving you to appointments. 

It's OK to ask for help. Your main goal is to focus on feeling better. 


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