Bessie's Journey - Gifts

The purpose of Bessie’s Journey is to identify with your fear, empathize with your pain and celebrate your life with you.  This is a sorority you didn't ask to be a member of, just remember, you are never alone!

The inspirational breast cancer cards and courage bag were created for newly diagnosed women, or women on their journey to wellness, to offer validation and support during their journeys. The courage bag is for loved ones who don't know what to say or do when someone is diagnosed with breast cancer. The courage bag offers validation and hope that you have the strength to beat cancer. 

From Bessie

Every woman, including myself, with breast cancer, has a unique and compelling story about our journeys through diagnosis, treatment and recovery. I truly believe that empathy and identification are what allowed me to keep a positive attitude during my journey. The way you cope with your “new normal” is what makes a difference. Don't let cancer define who you are.