FemmePharma Consumer Healthcare

FemmePharma Consumer Healthcare is the first and only company dedicated to women’s menopausal health (chemical and natural). Created by women and backed by science, they are committed to finding way to address women’s health issues and providing access to women directly without the need for a prescription. 

Their mission is to bring innovative products to market that not only safely and effectively alleviate the symptoms of menopause, but also meet women where they are. FemmePharma's pharmaceutical-grade research and development process, strict product manufacturing standards, and commitment to great customer service provide women with the symptomatic relief and peace of mind that they have been seeking. From concept to formulation, from design to delivery, every product is created for women by women.

FemmePharma is excited to announce their new Intimate Skin Moisturizer, designed specifically for the most intimate areas. FemmePharma’s hydrating formula helps reduce itching, burning, and irritation. Each travel-sized tube is discreet and convenient for use when you’re on the go.

Throughout October and November, you can save 15% when you order through their website. Plus, FemmePharma will donate $5 from every order back to LBBC.

Please use the code LBBC5 to get your discount and earmark your donation.