Wisdom. Support. Truth. Hope.

Living Beyond Breast Cancer is a national nonprofit organization that seeks to create a world that understands there is more than one way to have breast cancer. To fulfill our mission of providing trusted information and a community of support to those impacted by the disease, Living Beyond Breast Cancer offers in-person experiences and on-demand emotional, practical and evidence-based content that is meaningful to those newly diagnosed, in-treatment, post-treatment and living with metastatic disease.

For nearly 30 years, Living Beyond Breast Cancer has imparted wisdom and connection via conferences, events, a peer-to-peer helpline, and more. Today, we remain committed to creating a culture of acceptance—where sharing the diversity of the lived experience of breast cancer fosters self-advocacy and hope.

Knowing more

We offer trusted clinical perspectives and personal ones that span from your diagnosis and treatment options to living your best everyday life. All our content is reviewed by medical experts – allowing you to make the most informed decisions possible. 


Our fellowship of peers openly share their personal experiences to help you navigate your own with confidence. Connecting with people who are living your truth can make the toughest days a little easier. So whether you’re having good days or challenging ones, belonging can be deeply therapeutic.

You can contact us toll-free at 855-807-6386 or by email at mail@lbbc.org.