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Here, you can learn self-care steps that can help you feel calmer and more supported. We’ll share strategies for adjusting to your post-surgery body and how you can incorporate complementary therapies to ease side effects and cope.


Breast cancer can change the way your body feels and the way you feel about your body and yourself. This video will offer you specific steps to move toward understanding and accepting your changed body, self-image, and health.

Shea with her dog, smiling, happy, enjoying the outdoors

By keeping my hair, I was able to control my narrative. It was up to me if I wanted to share my story or elaborate on my diagnosis.

Shea Mencel


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Body image and breast cancer

05/04/22 | BY: Anne Katz

Body image is the way you perceive how your body looks — how attractive you feel and how attractive you think others find you. Being diagnosed with, and treated for, breast cancer is one of many experiences that can affect your body image and self-esteem.

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Emotional Health

02/02/22 | BY: Gregory Garber

In the days immediately following a breast cancer diagnosis, lots of different emotions can come up, and some of them can feel intense — fear, sadness, anger, and numbness are all normal and expected responses to an abnormal situation. No matter what kinds of emotions you’re experiencing, remember that your emotions are valid.

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Exercise and metastatic breast cancer

07/21/20 | BY: LBBC Staff

A metastatic breast cancer diagnosis can bring up questions about whether you can continue to exercise if that’s part of your normal routine. Or, what if you don’t exercise regularly and want to start now? The good news is that even if adjustments need to be made, there are many ways that you can keep exercising after a diagnosis.

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Metastatic breast cancer and diet

07/20/20 | BY: LBBC Staff

It can be overwhelming to face a metastatic breast cancer diagnosis. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be complicated to figure out a healthy diet that helps you feel good.

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Complementary & integrative medicine for metastatic breast cancer

07/17/20 | BY: LBBC Staff

Complementary and integrative medicine (CIM) describes the combination of conventional cancer treatment and complementary therapies. If you’ve been diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer, complementary and integrative medicine can be an especially helpful approach.

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Lymphedema treatments

07/15/19 | BY: Lori Ranallo

At one time people believed little could be done for lymphedema, but we now know that is untrue. There are several treatments to help manage and lessen the condition.

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07/15/19 | BY: Lori Ranallo

Understand the causes of breast cancer-related lymphedema, methods to reduce your risk and to identify lymphedema early, and treatments to manage it.

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Weight gain

07/11/19 | BY: Christine Zoumas

About half of women being treated for breast cancer gain weight. This can range from just a few pounds to 20 pounds or more.

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10/09/18 | BY: Mary Pullig-Schatz

When you are diagnosed with breast cancer, you may seek tools to cope with stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia or fatigue. Studies suggest yoga may help with these challenges during and after treatment.

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Yoga & metastatic breast cancer

10/09/18 | BY: Mary Pullig-Schatz

Many women living with metastatic, or stage IV, breast cancer practice yoga. Gentle and restorative yoga may improve concentration and fatigue, lessen anxiety and pain, and control stress.

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