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We are nationally recognized for our high-quality programs and support services. We call on many volunteers, including the nation’s foremost healthcare professionals, to provide their wisdom and experiences to help you with medical, emotional, and practical concerns. Because of these volunteers and the support of our donors, we provide access to our programs and services to those in need.

We regularly evaluate and refine our current programs and develop new ones based on interest and feedback. We are intentional in our efforts to ensure our programming represents the many ways people experience breast cancer.

Living Beyond Breast Cancer is here for one reason – to connect you, your loved ones and your caregivers with trusted breast cancer information and a community of support. Here is where you learn to live with your breast cancer diagnosis. Our welcoming community stands next to you.


Connect with a community of support

All Ages, All Stages (closed Facebook group)

A community for people diagnosed with breast cancer to connect with other people, share resources, and receive peer support.

Young Women (closed Facebook group)

A group for women under the age of 45 diagnosed with breast cancer. This group provides unique updates from LBBC and connects you with other young women across the country to share resources and receive peer support.

Support Community for High Risk (closed Facebook group)

This community is for women with a high risk of developing breast and/or ovarian cancer because of a strong family history of cancer, personal health conditions, or inherited gene mutations. Resources, support, and community are available.

Young Women's Initiative (YWI)

YWI provides programs for specifically for women diagnosed before age 45, including YWiConnect text message updates, advocacy training, specific webinars and conference sessions geared toward young women, and more.


Speak with someone who gets it

Breast Cancer Helpline 

The Breast Cancer Helpline connects you to a trained volunteer who has been diagnosed with breast cancer for emotional support, guidance, and hope.

LBBC Blog 

Learn from the experiences of others. The blog features the voices of women and men living with breast cancer, their caregivers, and healthcare providers.


Resources for you and your loved ones

Living Beyond Breast Cancer Fund 

Apply for a grant from the Living Beyond Breast Cancer Fund intended to help provide some relief and cover costs of bills such as rent and utilities.


A library of free guides and booklets provides you medical information, tips from others affected by breast cancer and suggestions on where to find resources that consider your personal well-being.

Reading for Reassurance 

Our Reading for Reassurance program provides parents with curated books and resources written for kids of all ages. These resources help spark conversations about cancer.


Attend an event

Upcoming events

We host conferences, summits, and webinars so you can hear from leading health experts who address important topics related to breast cancer and answer your questions.

Past events

View past events to access resources and learn more about treatments, side effects, psychological impact, sexual side effects, diet and nutrition, exercise and much more.

Annual conference on metastatic breast cancer

We hosted our first conference on metastatic breast cancer in 2006. The conference continues to grow and provide informative sessions led by medical and wellness professionals, and panels highlighting the lived experiences of people in the metastatic community.


Raise awareness

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, an annual campaign to raise awareness of this complex disease. Each year, individuals, businesses, and communities come together to show their support for the many people affected by breast cancer.

For people affected by breast cancer, awareness is not just about October. And there’s not just one way to have breast cancer. Learn how you can help raise awareness and support our work during this important campaign.

No One Missed: Breast cancer

Living Beyond Breast Cancer is proud to join forces with the LUNGevity Foundation to expand the No One Missed biomarker testing campaign to the metastatic breast cancer community.

We are excited to highlight the impact biomarker testing can have for people diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer and help encourage patient and doctor conversations about biomarker testing.


Support our mission

Volunteer opportunities 

There are many ways to get involved with LBBC, such as becoming a Helpline Volunteer, Hear My Voice Outreach Volunteer, Young Advocate and more. You can also host your own DIY fundraiser to benefit LBBC.


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