I am Black with breast cancer

If you are a Black person diagnosed with breast cancer, you may face unique challenges throughout your diagnosis. While “Black breast cancer” is not a type of breast cancer clinically speaking, Living Beyond Breast Cancer uses the term to acknowledge and elevate the experiences of Black people living with a breast cancer diagnosis. In this section, find the tools you need to navigate your physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing.

Racial health disparities exist in breast cancer care. With the help of trusted experts, we provide content to help you advocate for yourself. You’ll learn about the implicit and explicit biases that affect care and what tools are available to help you receive the best care possible. We also amplify voices from advocates and members of our community that shine a light on health disparities and the paths forward to improve health outcomes for Black people.  

The above videos may be a helpful place to start if you are a Black person recently diagnosed with breast cancer. These sessions address what you need to know about a new breast cancer diagnosis and how to get the best care possible, as well as specific information for a metastatic, or stage IV, breast cancer diagnosis.

New In Black