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How can this delay my treatment? This would not delay treatment.

How much will this cost? Adoption costs can vary widely depending on how you prefer to go through the process.

Adopting a child in foster care may have no charge, but often comes with other out-of-pocket expenses. Many parents hire a private agent to help with this process.

Adopting a baby through a private agency can cost $20,000 to $40,000, which includes a number of charges such as a home study, placement services, medical and legal expenses for the birth mother, and a number of other legal fees and requirements.

Can this interact with my hormone receptor-positive breast cancer? Adoption would have no effect on hormone receptor-positive breast cancer.

Does my age impact this? In most states, there are no laws preventing you from adopting at an older age. But private agencies may have limits on how old a person can be to adopt from them. Usually, these limits are set at age 50 and older. Birth mothers often request younger parents adopt their baby, which may make it harder to find a match if you choose to adopt a baby through an agency if you’re older.

Do I need a partner or sperm donor? You do not need a partner to adopt, but there may be added challenges if you are single. State laws and the policy of certain agencies may give priority to married couples over single applicants.

More about adoption

Adoption gives you the chance to raise children regardless of your ability to get pregnant. There are a number of ways to adopt children, such as adopting a child from foster care or adopting a baby through a private agency. Each way has its own considerations. Are you open to adopting an older child? Are you able to afford a private agency to find a baby up for adoption? Do private agencies have requirements that make it harder for you to adopt?

Some agencies require you to submit your health history and do not accept people with a history of cancer. The Oncofertility Consortium keeps a list of agencies that are open to people who have had cancer.

You may want to work with a lawyer that specializes in adoption, even if you are thinking about adopting from foster care.


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