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Rod Ritchie

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  • Writer, Health Union, SHARE, and Surviving Breast Cancer
  • Project LEAD Graduate
  • President, Board of Directors, Male Breast Cancer Global Alliance

Rod is a Sydney-born writer, internet publisher, and breast cancer patient activist. He posts on BreastCancer.org as Traveltext and is a regular poster on Twitter @malefitness and LinkedIn as Rod Ritchie. In 2018 Rod attended the National Breast Cancer Coalition Project LEAD Course at La Jolla. He writes articles and has been interviewed for many podcasts. These can be found on the Media page of his website, MaleBC.org, which includes links to the latest research, and to a Manifesto which is aimed at securing some basic equivalence for men diagnosed with and treated for this disease.  He is also the survivor story editor for the Male Breast Cancer Global Alliance and President of the Board of Directors.