• LBBC Hear My Voice Advocate 2022
  • Fitness advocate
  • Quality-of-life advocate

Angela seeks to help others with quality-of-life measures in their treatment decisions. She is interested in fitness and using her skills as a Zumba instructor to inspire cardiovascular fitness. Angela is a retired nurse practitioner and functions as a registered nurse in the preoperative setting at her community hospital. She works with people who are undergoing a variety of surgeries, including breast and reproductive surgery. The greatest joys in her life are her family, time in nature, and dancing. She is happy to be able to continue her nursing career and care for people as they prepare for surgery.


I believe that my work with Living Beyond Breast Cancer will empower others to advocate for their own unique needs and goals of care. In creating a community of strong advocates, I believe we will be better equipped to support one another as we navigate the unchartered course of living with a terminal diagnosis.