Natalie Hyman

Patient Advocate, Hawaii



Natalie wants to connect with people with metastatic breast cancer in Hawaii. She is interested in legislative advocacy for the Metastatic Breast Cancer Access to Care Act in the U.S. Congress and in scientific advocacy for brain mets research and patient support. She works as a human resources consultant in Hawaii and formerly was an employment law attorney in Colorado and California. She is an empathetic listener with a bachelor of arts degree in psychology. She helps others by exploring the impact of her, her mother's, and her sister's personal experience with breast cancer. Her life's joy is being with Matt, her husband of 20 years. They enjoy every day together while pursuing their dream of living in Hawaii. Her favorite activity is spending time laughing and relaxing at the beach with their dog, Bailey.


I want to help LBBC build an empathetic and loving community for patients living with metastatic breast cancer.