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Sheila Godreau

Patient Advocate, Florida



Sheila is interested in making treatment easily accessible and affordable, providing financial security for those unable to support themselves, modernizing the SEER database, and increasing the amount of research funding for metastatic breast cancer. She has volunteered with several organizations in addition to Living Beyond Breast Cancer, including Project Life, METAvivor, Ceridian Cares St. Petersburg, and more. She is a project/program manager and speaks fluent Spanish. She enjoys bringing hope and joy to others, empowering them to be the best version of themselves.


I believe the day will come when metastatic breast cancer is a curable disease. To get there, we need to share the reality of this journey. I am not a statistic, nor is my life defined by MBC. However, I feel empowered and responsible to share what MBC is and what it isn’t, what patients and caregivers need, and why.