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Ebony-Joy Igbinoba


Ebony-Joy Igbinoba



Throughout the majority of her professional experience, She has served as an educator and trainer. She has devoted this current phase of her life to global Diversity, Equity, Accessibility, and Inclusion efforts. She finds value in storytelling and elevating the voices of marginalized people.

Ebony-Joy is a mother of two amazing kids and an adorable toy poodle. Her hobbies mostly center around her family, including cheering her kids at soccer, football, lacrosse, dance, and school events. In addition, she loves to read, spend quality time with family and friends, volunteer at church, mentor at school, travel and learn about different cultures. Her joy comes from her faith in God and His Grace as He leads her to serve others and enjoy the masterpieces He created.


My goal is to advocate for other marginalized women in the breast cancer community. I would like women of color to have access to quality treatment and care. I hope my work will impact breast cancer warriors and their families so that they have comprehensive support on their journeys.