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Jonathan Bank, MD

Partner, NYBRA Plastic Surgery

Jonathan Bank


  • LBBC Medical Advisory Board member since 2023
  • Board-certified plastic surgeon, specializing in microsurgery, breast and body contouring, and breast reconstruction
  • Multimedia artist focused on empowering women through their breast reconstruction journeys

A leader in the field of sensory restoration of reconstructed breasts, Dr. Bank has extensive experience and has received multiple awards for academic achievement and research. Raised in New York and Israel, he completed his medical program at Tel Aviv University and served in elite Israeli military units before pursuing his surgical training at the University of Chicago Medical Center and University of Pennsylvania. He is a partner at NYBRA Plastic Surgery.

Dr. Bank merges the worlds of medicine and art, focusing on empowering women through their breast reconstruction journeys. He has led several art projects that celebrate the resilience and beauty of women who have undergone mastectomies. These include multimedia exhibits like “Reconstructed,” inspired by the Japanese art of kintsugi, and “Restored,” featuring life-sized sculptures of breast reconstruction patients. Other projects like “Before the After” and “Reblossom” explore the emotional and aesthetic dimensions of his surgical work, with proceeds from related book sales going to various charitable organizations.

In the realm of medical innovation, Dr. Bank has authored over 30 peer-reviewed articles and serves on editorial boards of plastic surgery journals. His clinical initiative, Breast ReliefTM, addresses Post-Mastectomy Pain Syndrome with the goal of shifting paradigms in surgical breast cancer treatment. He is also the inventor of “Relievvr,” a novel device designed to provide postoperative comfort after breast surgery. Dr. Bank’s work has led to educational films and an upcoming textbook on complex breast reconstruction, expanding the impact and understanding of his work in the medical community.

Beyond his surgical and artistic endeavors, Dr. Bank is actively involved in medical leadership roles. He is the co-founder and chairman of the Israeli Doctors of America, a non-profit aimed at strengthening ties between Israeli and American medical communities. Additionally, he sits on various advisory boards, such as the AiRS Foundation, which facilitates breast reconstruction for women post-mastectomy, and Axogen, which focuses on making breast neurotization the standard of care. His multifaceted contributions make him a significant figure in both the medical and artistic communities, dedicated to improving lives through surgical excellence, innovation, and advocacy.