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Gregory Vidal, MD, PhD

Director of Clinical Research, West Cancer Center & Research Institute


Throughout his career, Dr. Vidal has maintained a profound interest in breast cancer research and treatment. His doctoral thesis has significantly contributed to the comprehension of how the EGFR/HER family of proteins influences breast cancer cells. During his tenure at Stanford University, his research aimed to bridge the gap between laboratory findings and clinical applications, with a focus on developing secure and efficacious treatments for breast cancer.

At present, he holds the position of director of clinical research at the West Cancer Center and Research Institute, and he serves as the chair of the One Oncology Breast Cancer Program. Actively engaged in professional organizations, he is a valued member of the American Society of Clinical Oncology, also participating as a member of the Research Committee. Dr. Vidal's research pursuits concentrate on recognizing impediments to oncology care for diverse populations. As a clinical researcher, he has functioned as a principal investigator in several impactful clinical studies, with his work being fortunate to appear in esteemed journals. Beyond his professional commitments, he enjoys mentoring, spending time with his children, and engaging in outdoor activities.