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Kimmie Ducksworth

Patient Advocate


Kimmie currently has bone and liver mets. Her current treatment regimen includes abemaciclib, fulvestrant, leuprorelin, and denosumab. Now living in Mississippi, Kimmie finds solace and support at the Hattiesburg Cancer Center and at Oschners in New Orleans. As the mother of two beautiful children, Kimmie's unwavering priority is to witness the bright futures of her daughter and son.

Kimmie's involvement with the Chrysalis Initiative has been transformative. Through this organization, she has accessed the proper resources and connections, including a third opinion at the esteemed Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. More importantly, over the past three years, Kimmie has cultivated a bond with Jamil Rivers, Founder & CEO, a figure who has evolved into a sisterly presence in her life. Through their weekly conversations, Kimmie has gained valuable insights into the right questions to ask her doctors and the essential tests to undergo, ensuring that she remains an active advocate for her own health.