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Marilyn Drew Thomas, MA

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Marilyn Thomas, MA, was diagnosed with ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS) in January 2021. She was still grieving the loss of her beloved husband of 41 years to cancer in 2019. Honeymooners still, they had been planning for life in retirement and to return to their home in Washington, D.C., as he had been a pastor in New York.  Marilyn did retire five months later and moved back to Washington, D.C., to rebuild her life, and then cancer appeared yet again in the family. Her incredible sons, who had been caregivers for their father, rallied and cared for her when she was diagnosed - praying, of course, for a better outcome after having lost their dad.  On top of the trauma of grief, she was diagnosed during the pandemic and went through surgery and radiation treatment in full-protective safety protocols. Despite the triple-grief-loss of her life partner, the pandemic, and breast cancer, she is grateful for her many blessings: prayers, family, and great medical care. She enjoys swimming, Zumba, walking, and spending time with family and friends.