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Sheila Marie Johnson, MBA*

Patient Advocate

Sheila Marie Johnson


* deceased, 2024



In terms of health equity and dismantling systemic barriers to care within the metastatic breast cancer community, Sheila is an inspiration. She has not only been navigating life with metastatic breast cancer for 13 years, but she also boasts a 25-year tenure as a United States Air Force military veteran.

Sheila's primary focus centers around research advocacy, particularly in advancing discussions on clinical trials participation within the Black community. Her roles have encompassed ambassadorship, advocacy, and mentoring, spanning organizations such as Living Beyond Breast Cancer, TOUCH The Black Breast Cancer Alliance, Susan G. Komen Advocates in Science, and her position as a Komen scholar.

Sheila's remarkable journey has been spotlighted on various platforms, including online at Story Half Told. Furthermore, Sheila has authored "A Survivor’s Lens: A Metastatic Breast Cancer Survivor’s Focus on God's Word and Faith."