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Vatesha Bouler

Patient Advocate


Vatesha boasts a twenty-three-year career as an educator and is currently engaged as a kindergarten teacher within the Prince George's County public schools in Maryland. Her personal journey took a challenging turn when she was diagnosed with stage IIB ductal invasive carcinoma breast cancer in 2014, at the age of 36. Now a nine-year breast cancer survivor, she embraces life with unyielding vigor. Since achieving remission, Vatesha has embraced numerous opportunities to speak and inspire others who are facing cancer. She engages in various events and panel discussions, while also participating in research studies aimed at encouraging more women of color to join clinical trials.

She has co-authored a book titled "Beyond Her Reflection," in which she candidly shares her experience of breast cancer. Additionally, Vatesha serves as an Angel Advocate with the Tigerlily Foundation, offering support and advocacy to those affected by breast cancer and metastatic breast cancer. She holds a role as a breast cancer ambassador for the organization For the Breast of Us and contributes as a board member to PINK 4 The City in Baltimore, Maryland. Vatesha is the creative force behind the video vlog titled "Tesha’s Tea Room (The Place Where Conversations Conquer Cancer)."

Outside of her advocacy efforts, she finds joy in traveling, spending quality time with friends and family, indulging in shopping and dining out, and attending music and sporting events. Vatesha's strong faith guides her, and she firmly believes that God's presence is a constant source of strength.