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Caroline Abi-Khattar, Esq.

Lawyer and Patient Advocate

Caroline Abi-Khattar headshot


  • Board member since 2023

Beginning with that volunteer role and through subsequent activities, Caroline has interacted with hundreds of people impacted by breast cancer and guided many through their journeys. The needs of the breast cancer community, especially the community of young survivors, are well known to Caroline and close to her heart. As she has interacted with more survivors, Caroline has realized her academic and professional skills could enhance her legislative and scientific research advocacy.

Caroline was introduced to LBBC by Dr. Angela Demichele, who is both her oncologist and one of the researchers she supports as a member of the advocate board of the University of Pennsylvania Breast Cancer Translational Center of Excellence. She hopes to apply the knowledge and experience she gained on this survivorship and advocacy journey to support LBBC’s work.