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Chelsey Pickthorn

Celebrity Hair & Make Up Artist; Patient Advocate

Chelsey Pickthorn



Chelsey's original diagnosis at the age of thirty-three underscored the importance of lifestyle alterations. She actively engages in conscious consumption, maintains a personal self-care routine, eliminates negative energy, and mitigates stress. She attributes her current status of No Evidence of Disease (NED) to her merged beliefs, finding a balance between Eastern and Western medicine.

Chelsey commenced her career in hair design at the age of 18, dedicating her entire life to actualizing her dreams. With a metastatic diagnosis at 35, she couldn't ignore the direction the universe was pushing her towards – advocacy. Extremely passionate about equal access to care and information, medical trials, and holistic adjunctive treatments, Chelsey, a member of the LGBTQIA+ community, believes in fostering open dialogues through difficult conversations. She aims to share her life experiences with the world, hoping to dispel preconceptions about what "sick" looks and feels like.