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Megan Rutt

Chair; Consultant, B & B Finance LLC


Board member since 2018 


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Diagnosed with invasive breast cancer at age 37, Megan encountered Living Beyond Breast Cancer after she completed her initial treatment, which included chemotherapy and several surgeries. LBBC empowered Megan by offering her a community of support and a wealth of trusted information – including the availability of clinical trials, one of which she joined. Megan received LBBC’s Donna Noce Colaco Going Beyond Award in 2018. 

As chair, Megan hopes to help LBBC share its resources with people impacted by breast cancer and broaden the organization’s reach, so those affected do not experience breast cancer in isolation. One of Megan’s priorities is to help extend LBBC’s offerings to more people of color diagnosed with or living with breast cancer, as they face unique challenges that can affect their care and outcomes.