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Valerie Miller

Retention Executive, Workplace Investing, Fidelity Investments

Valerie Miller



Introduced to LBBC in 2007 following her breast cancer diagnosis at the age of 28, Valerie sought resources addressing the unique challenges young breast cancer survivors face. She discovered LBBC, an organization providing comprehensive support for individuals impacted by breast cancer.

Active within LBBC for numerous years, Valerie has contributed as a participant and team captain of Reach and Raise, participated in a 2013 national public relations campaign for LBBC and White House Black Market, and co-chaired the 2023 Butterfly Ball.

While not a carrier of the BRCA mutation, Valerie has a family history of hereditary breast cancer, losing both grandmothers and an aunt to metastatic breast cancer. Her mother, a breast cancer survivor, tragically succumbed to colon cancer. Valerie's roles as a support group coordinator, caregiver, and young survivor have fostered a profound appreciation for the support offered by LBBC. As a board member, Valerie aims to contribute to LBBC's mission of expanding its reach within the community.