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Joanne Bursich

Vice President, Administration


  • Has worked at LBBC since 2013
  • Is involved in alumni programs at Syracuse University where she received her bachelor's degree in Child and Family Studies
  • Has deep roots in the Philadelphia region, and is committed to strengthening the nonprofit sector by building stronger, more efficient organizations



She likes that the organization provides a place where people living with the disease can meet others living with similar issues and has seen the positive impacts those connections have on people's lives. She is proud to help ensure that LBBC's staff have the tools and resources that they need to deliver these important programs.

Joanne has more than 25 years of experience in the nonprofit sector, including stints at Dunleavy and Associates, Nonprofit Finance Fund, and United Way of Southeastern Pennsylvania. She received her bachelor's degree in Child and Family Studies from Syracuse University, where she continues to be involved in alumni programs, and a master's degree in Public Administration from the University of Pennsylvania.


Through LBBC I have met so many women who are willing to share their stories and support others who have the same challenges they have lived through. I'm inspired by them and committed to ensuring that LBBC remains a place for them to connect.

Joanne Bursich