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Stefanie Washburn, MSW, LSW

Manager, Healthcare Provider Outreach


  • Has worked LBBC since 2019
  • Is a huge fan of baseball — especially the Phillies — and her favorite place is Cooperstown, NY
  • Loves cats and gardening

At LBBC, Stefanie collaborates with staff, volunteers, and healthcare experts to offer resources, including peer support and financial assistance programs, to people living with breast cancer and those who care about them. Stefanie also connects with healthcare providers through outreach initiatives and education programs, inviting providers to get involved and help people access all that LBBC offers as early as possible in their experience with breast cancer.

As a years-long fan of LBBC, joining the team that helps create LBBC's incredible resources has been an amazing full-circle experience for her.


The LBBC community — those we serve, volunteers, supporters, and staff — is a phenomenal group of people. Their compassion and energy, however they choose to express it, inspires me each day.

Stefanie Washburn