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With your help, we can increase the number of grants we give so people can focus on their health, not their bills.


Since the Living Beyond Breast Cancer Fund was created in 2006, we have disbursed over $1.6 million in financial assistance grants to over 2,000 people diagnosed with breast cancer, alleviating a degree of financial burden for a number of individuals and their families.


Being diagnosed with breast cancer has changed my life completely. Physically, mentally, and especially financially. Not knowing how I was going to be able to pay my expenses, not being able to work and also not having any kind of income. LBBC helped me and blessed me and my family. It helped me to have a peace of mind.

Grant recipient


With the onset of COVID-19, the financial devastation experienced by people with breast cancer has increased significantly. Many people in treatment already face financial hardships and can find it difficult to pay for basic needs, such as food, rent and utilities. COVID-19 has made this difficult situation even harder.

With your help, we can double the number of grants we offer this year so people can focus on their health, not their bills.


Through the Living Beyond Breast Cancer Fund, we hope to offer a measure of relief to those coping with health challenges and financial concerns.


This grant has helped relieve some financial stress during a very difficult time. I cannot put into words how very grateful I am for every single person who has donated to LBBC and shown their support and love. This grant was an uplifting, generous, much needed gift and I am so very grateful.

Grant recipient

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The Living Beyond Breast Cancer Fund is made possible by generous contributions of individual, foundation and corporate donors. We especially want to recognize the extraordinary generosity of:

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LBBC is grateful to all the individuals and companies who contribute to the LBBC Fund.

* The Orsher Family’s contributions have allowed us to continue to expand the Living Beyond Breast Cancer Fund across the country to support people living in rural, suburban, and urban America.

** Forward4Tobi allows us to support women living with metastatic breast cancer and their families so that they can focus on their health.