Angela “Jersi” Baker

Angela “Jersi” Baker was born and raised in northern New Jersey and now resides in Charlotte, North Carolina. She is the mother of one son, who is the light of her world. Jersi worked in the international transportation industry for over 21 years. In 2015 she founded a nonprofit organization named Angel in Disguise Inc. She considers Angel in Disguise Inc. celebrating 5 years in business her greatest accomplishment.

Jersi is an advocate in the breast cancer community and volunteers her time advocating with many breast cancer organizations. She was diagnosed with DCIS in 2003 and underwent a full mastectomy and reconstruction. In 2010 she had a local recurrence and in 2011 it became metastatic. In 2016 Jersi decided to explant her breast implant, and now calls herself the "unoboob girl." She has recently developed liver mets and is currently on her third line of treatment. She has never had IV chemo.