Elpida Argenziano

Elpida Argenziano was diagnosed, in 2015 at age 40, with what doctors thought was stage II hormone receptor-positive breast cancer, but a post-mastectomy scan revealed a single bone metastasis and she was re-diagnosed with stage IV breast cancer. As Elpida researched the controversial term describing her limited-spread disease — oligometastatic breast cancer — she found reports that aggressive therapy might improve outcomes, or that some patients may even be curable.

Channeling her energy on patient advocacy has helped Elpida cope with the reality and challenges of living with a life-long cancer. Her passion is to grow awareness of oligometastatic disease, and advocate for increased screening and research for this important sub-group of metastatic breast cancer. She has formed an online support group for patients with similar diagnoses and enjoys connecting with and supporting others walking this path. Elpida was a member of the 2019 Living Beyond Breast Cancer Young Advocates program.

Elpida is former marketing executive who lives on Long Island, New York with her husband, Frank, and three children: Lucas, Zoe, and Zachary.


Media: Video
August 11, 2021