Sarah Kelly

Sarah Kelly was diagnosed with stage III, triple-negative breast cancer while 32 weeks pregnant in 2015. Realizing her cancer was not hormone-driven or genetic, Sarah started to examine her environment. Her “Aha” moment came when she began researching the ingredients in her beauty products and her personal experience of losing her hair, lashes, and brows, and the experience of not recognizing her own reflection. This led to her creating SaltyGirl Beauty with her sister Leah, who is also an oncology nurse. Leah and Sarah wanted to create a beauty brand that empowered women to feel and look good in a natural, minimalist way.

Sarah has always had a passion for natural, sustainable products since starting her career 17 years ago with Tom’s of Maine. Along with SaltyGirl Beauty, Sarah and Leah also founded the nonprofit Foundation4Love that provides experiences and focuses on wellness for adults with cancer. The sisters donate 10 percent of profits from SaltyGirl to fund Foundation4Love

SaltyGirl Beauty has been featured in Allure, People, INStyle, The New York Times, The Washington Post, and others. Sarah, Leah, and their friend — the founder of Violets are Blue Skincare — also founded the nonprofit Warrior Revolution in 2019, an organization that provides workshops and retreats for cancer patients that focus on education, empowerment, and connection.

Sarah lives in Kennebunk, Maine, with her husband Chris and three kids Graham, Anna, and Caleb.


Media: Video
December 10, 2020