Suzette Simon

Suzette Simon is the founder of NYLaughs, a New York-based nonprofit that produces free comedy events in public spaces to inspire audiences, enrich the lives of New Yorkers, and connect them through humor.

Diagnosed with stage II breast cancer in January 2020, the Manhattan-based producer is now using laughter in her battle with the disease to raise awareness of the impact breast cancer — which kills Black women at a 42 percent higher rate than white women — has on the Black community.

Suzette recently launched her awareness initiative called #STRONGBLACKBOOBS as a place to go for the intersection of her own breast cancer journey, information, comedy, self-esteem boosting, and support for communities of color. She is the self-appointed “Master of #CancerBadAssery” and considers herself to be in the running to be “America’s Next Top Cancer Survivor.” Throughout Breast Cancer Awareness Month, she’ll be premiering comedy excerpts on TikTok called “Live from Chemo!” with dance challenges, musings, standup, public service announcements, information, and more!

Her inspiration is her mom who lay dying 30 years ago of breast cancer on a gurney in a New York public hospital hallway for hours because she didn’t have health insurance. She hopes that being a #CancerBadass might shake things up and save black lives. She looks forward to reshaping Black Boob leadership and dominating boobs, cancer, and the whole world (in a good way, of course!) one fun-filled post at a time.


Media: Video
January 12, 2021