Yvette Pecoraro

Yvette Pecoraro is a celebrated songwriter, chant artist, and vocal/mantra coach. Her music and chanting open the gates within the heart, allowing for the divine within to shine.

Yvette has a unique way of blending traditional eastern music with western popular melody, peaking energetic waves of mantra with spontaneous vocal harmony, spiraling sound, and song. Yvette offers kirtan, bliss retreats, chant workshops, teacher trainings and online courses exploring these ancient yet timely practices for healing and inner growth.

Yvette has released five albums: “Into the Arms of Love,” “The Song of Breath,” “We Are One,” “Divine,” and her most recent live recording “MA.” This will be Yvette’s 16th year offering live music for LBBC. Visit Yvette’s website for more information about her programs and music