> A personal passion: Empowering women to make informed decisions

A personal passion: Empowering women to make informed decisions

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  • 10/22/20

With 1 in 8 women diagnosed with breast cancer, we are all touched by this disease. I have been personally impacted, and my work has introduced me to many people in the breast cancer community who are dealing with their own diagnoses or supporting a family member, friend, or coworker who’s going through it. Time and time again, I have been so inspired to see how filled with light, hope, and love these women are. No matter what, they find the strength to connect with and empower each other.

When women are first diagnosed with breast cancer, they often have to make many difficult decisions very quickly. That’s why, as the executive director of marketing for Allergan Aesthetics breast implants, I look for opportunities to partner with organizations that are committed to educating women about breast cancer, reconstruction options, and other health topics. I am proud to work on a brand that provides education, shares real patient stories, and helps ensure patients have the information they need to make the best decisions for themselves.

To celebrate and support the amazing work of LBBC, Allergan Aesthetics has been honored to sponsor Reach & Raise in Philadelphia the past few years. It’s an amazing annual event that brings together thousands of people for inspiration and healing at an iconic location while raising critical funds for LBBC programs and services. Even this year, when the event had to go virtual due to COVID-19, nearly 1,000 people participated and raised funds remotely to support each other and this wonderful organization, whose help is more needed than ever during this challenging time. It was so inspiring to see everyone continuing to show up, and we look forward to seeing them all again on the steps when things get back to normal.

More recently, Allergan Aesthetics had the opportunity to sponsor LBBC’s Breast Cancer Helpline, a very special service that offers support for women impacted by breast cancer. I can’t imagine how difficult it must be to be recently diagnosed with breast cancer and looking for timely and trusted information, especially right now, but I know that being able to speak with someone who has gone through a similar experience would be very helpful and meaningful. It’s extremely rewarding to contribute to a program that connects women with trained volunteers who are available to answer questions whenever needed, letting them know that even though we are physically apart, they are never alone.

LBBC’s mission aligns with my personal and professional passion to empower other women, especially when it comes to making informed health decisions. Through powerful partnerships with organizations like LBBC, our ultimate goal is to help women move forward with confidence. We want to make sure every woman is aware of her options and feels supported in her choices — whether that involves our products or not. After all, it’s not about breast implants. It’s about helping women feel their best.




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