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Monica’s story: Regaining control after a breast cancer diagnosis with exercise | BeACTive

Being diagnosed with breast cancer reshaped Monica’s perspective on exercise, making it about movement, community, and regaining control of her life.


Embracing movement for control

Facing the challenges of breast cancer treatment, Monica discovered the transformative power of exercise. Previously she had enjoyed activities like Zumba, dancing, biking, and walking, yet, after her diagnosis, simple acts like going for a walk became moments of empowerment, allowing Monica to develop strength and regain control of her life.


Rowing in sync, a breast cancer community

For Monica, exercise is a means of building a supportive community and sharing positive experiences with others who, like her, have faced the challenges of breast cancer and its treatments.

Monica stands smiling in a spacious kitchen

With WeCanRow, we’ve had a shared experience of breast cancer, and now we get to join in an experience where we're all together in a very positive way, supporting one another.



Exercise with a breast cancer group

Monica's passion for staying active and fostering a sense of community extends to online workouts like the BeActive series and beyond. We invite you to explore the diverse ways you can connect with the breast cancer community through your fitness routines. Join us at BeActive and find supportive workout groups within your local area. Here are some tips to guide you in finding fitness communities that cater to the specific needs of breast cancer survivors.


Local cancer support organizations

Reach out to local cancer support organizations for information on support groups and fitness programs tailored for breast cancer survivors.

Hospitals and treatment centers

Inquire at hospitals or cancer treatment centers about fitness or wellness programs designed for breast cancer survivors.

Online support groups

Join online breast cancer survivor support groups or forums where members may share information about local or online fitness groups.

Social media platforms

Explore social media platforms, especially dedicated Facebook groups, for breast cancer survivors where fitness resources and meet-ups may be discussed.

Cancer wellness centers

Look for cancer wellness centers that offer holistic support, including fitness classes and support groups for survivors.

Yoga and mindfulness classes

Explore yoga and mindfulness classes adapted for breast cancer survivors to address both physical and emotional aspects of recovery.


Let's BeACTive together!

Join Monica and the other participants in our new, 3-week exercise series featuring 9 workouts of about 20 minutes each and designed especially for people who are going through or recovering from treatment, preparing for surgeries, or regaining mobility after surgery.


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