> Throwback Thursday: (Goat) Yoga for a Reason

Throwback Thursday: (Goat) Yoga for a Reason


In May, Living Beyond Breast Cancer’s Reach & Raise Philadelphia raised more than $300,000 to support LBBC’s program for people with breast cancer.

More than $750 of that was raised a few weeks prior to the event, during a donation yoga class featuring some unique lookers-on – goats!

Namaste for a cause: Yoga with Goats took place May 13 at Pampered Pup Luxury Pet Resort in Millville, NJ. More than 50 people attended the event, in which they did yoga while a group of small goats frolicked around them. The space was packed, with many people sitting mat-to-mat.

“The atmosphere was electric!” says yoga instructor Tracey Morgado. “I had to employ my school teacher voice a few times to be heard over the din.”

Tracey says she organized the class because she admires LBBC’s mission of helping people who are living with and beyond breast cancer.

“Tragic as it is, breast cancer is going to happen and people cannot just be left to fend for themselves when treatment is over,” Tracey says.

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