> Brianna Obert, MSPT, CLT, RYT

Brianna Obert, MSPT, CLT, RYT



Brianna Obert, MSPT, CLT, RYT, has been a physical therapist since 2004 and has focused primarily on oncology since 2007.  She feels strongly that working at Oncology Rehab in Denver, Colorado brings out her strong suits as a physical therapist – compassion and a deep desire to make a difference. She is passionate in her belief of the need for skilled therapy services as part of the recovery process from cancer.

Ms. Obert's treatment focus is predominantly on people with breast cancer in all phases of treatment and survivorship.  She feels they are best served when they are able to begin utilizing therapy services at the start of their breast cancer journey and can take advantage of programs to prevent lymphedema, lessen fatigue, and learn specifics of when and how to exercise during cancer treatment.  She has a special interest in working with people with metastatic disease.

Ms. Obert has a personal passion for yoga and feels extremely blessed to be able to use physical therapy to help beginner yoga students find a yoga practice, and help experienced yogis resume their practice, as part of their “new normal” during or after cancer treatment.  Seeing others reap the life-changing benefits of yoga practice is one of the most fulfilling aspects of her work.