> Carlos Arteaga, MD

Carlos Arteaga, MD



Carlos L. Arteaga, MD, is director of the Harold C. Simmons Comprehensive Cancer Center at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center where he also serves as associate dean of oncology programs and holds the Lisa K. Simmons Distinguished Chair in Comprehensive Oncology.

Early in his career, Dr. Arteaga was the first to report the role of TGF-beta in breast cancer and their use as targets for medicines, leading to the development of molecularly targeted medicines designed to inhibit these signaling pathways. Dr. Arteaga has discovered several causes of resistance to HER2-targeted therapies. He was one of the first to report the role of PI3 kinase on hormonal therapy resistance in people with hormone receptor-positive breast cancer. Dr. Arteaga investigates genomic alterations in breast cancers after chemotherapy and hormonal therapy to discover why cancers build resistance to medicines and guide the development of genotype-specific therapies.