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David Duplay, MPH



David S. Duplay

David S. Duplay the founder and CEO of healtheo360. He a business and technology strategist for the healthcare industry with a heritage in healthcare marketing, communications and technology. Mr. Duplay has dedicated his career to finding ways to leverage advanced and emerging technologies to advance the delivery of healthcare, and provide patients and caregivers ways to communicate with each other and the medical community. His work expands across almost all conditions areas.


Courtland Long, MPH

Courtland Long, MPH is vice president of community management and marketing at healtheo360. She has been managing multi-channel marketing and education programs for the last 5 years. Prior to joining healtheo360, Ms. Long managed marketing programs for a New York City based start-up. In addition to marketing, she serves as the primary day-to-day contact for clients, starting with program development and through program execution, and is also responsible for moving the customer's training content smoothly through our process.