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Eva Greenberg, PhD



Eva M. Greenberg has worked in health and mental health settings with women of all ages. Her areas of expertise include depression, anxiety, chronic medical conditions, disordered eating and perinatal and post-partum mood disorders. She uses cognitive behavioral therapy, emotion-focused therapy, insight-oriented therapy and relaxation skills training.

Dr. Greenberg received her doctorate degree in clinical psychology from Temple University in Philadelphia. Her graduate training focused on health psychology, an interest which she continued to develop through her dissertation research on emotions and eating disorders, during her internship and throughout her postdoctoral fellowship at Pennsylvania Hospital.

Dr. Greenberg received a Ruth L. Kirchstein National Research Service Award for her pre-doctoral research on emotion reactivity and regulation in women with eating pathology. At Pennsylvania Hospital, she provided individual and group counseling to individuals with cancer and to their families through the Joan Karnell Cancer Center. She also served as the liaison between the bariatric surgery program and the department of psychiatry and developed a new rotation to provide therapy for women on the postpartum unit of the hospital and for families of infants in the intensive care nursery.

As a staff psychologist in the outpatient psychiatry department at the Drexel University College of Medicine, she provided individual therapy and crisis consultation services to patients with HIV and AIDS and served as director of clinical training for graduate student clinicians. Dr. Greenberg has provided consultation and treatment services to patients seen in women's health, oncology, bariatric surgery and behavioral weight control programs, and to patients with chronic medical conditions.