Living Beyond Breast Cancer Fund

Breast cancer treatment can be very expensive, especially if you have limited or no insurance. In addition to your medical expenses, there are many other expenses like transportation, loss of income, co-pays, and others that can increase stress for you and your household.  

Living Beyond Breast Cancer provides small quality of life grants to people affected by breast cancer in the Greater Philadelphia region, and to individuals at select hospitals located nationally, to help provide some relief. 

Since the Living Beyond Breast Cancer Fund was created in 2006 in memory of Cis B. Golder, we are proud to have assisted over 2,000 people and their families and disbursed over $1.6 million.  Make a gift to this program to help us provide more grants to people when they need it most. 


It’s your generosity and kind words that really got me through this. I was at the point where my choices were food or rent. Then there you were. Words aren’t enough. You were the light in my darkest hour. THANK YOU!