Host a DIY fundraising event

Give your passion a purpose

A large group of young women and girls doing yoga outside.

The possibilities are endless and it’s even easier now that you can build your own online fundraising campaign with our free tool, JustGiving. JustGiving allows you to customize your own fundraising page with your personal story, photos, and updates to let your family and friends know why Living Beyond Breast Cancer matters to you.

Then, set your fundraising goal, complete the basic details, get your personalized QR Code, and share your page. Need help? Watch our tutorial on how to set up your page or get instructions in the Fundraising guide. Visit our promotional tools page for social media graphics and other helpful tips for sharing your fundraiser on Instagram and Facebook.


Event planning checklist

Check out our events calendar to see our current DIY events for some inspiration, but don’t forget that the only limit is your imagination. Need an event planning checklist to help get you started? Look no further:

  1. Set Goals: How many people do you want to attend? Or set a fundraising goal.
  2. Pick a date: Pick a date far enough in advance to give yourself time to prepare and spread the word. Consider major holidays that may conflict with or help the event, such as a Halloween bake sale or costume contest benefiting LBBC during Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
  3. Budget: Estimate the cost of food and beverage, printing, mailing, location, and decorations based on the estimated attendance. Try to get as much as you can donated!
  4. Location: Find a location that meets your criteria. Try local galleries, restaurants, American Legions, churches, or schools. Some may event be willing to donate the space.
  5. Promote your event: Invite everyone you know by utilizing social media, evites, e-mail, or snail mail! Create flyers or posters and ask your friends and family to help distribute them.

Build an event committee

An event committee can help with planning your event. Utilize your committee's networks and connections to make your event more successful.

Find Your Social Butterfly

There is one in every group. Who do you know who knows everyone and is comfortable reaching out to their connections to build attendance or have things donated?

Find a Connection

1 in 8 women are diagnosed with invasive breast cancer in their lifetime. Find someone to help you who is dedicated to the cause and will be able to represent LBBC's mission.

Click the button below to download a PDF of the event planning checklist.