Breast Cancer inFocus: Getting the Care You Need as a Lesbian, Gay or Bisexual Person

2014, 1st Edition
Josh Fernandez

Studies show that LGBT people who came out to their care teams and did not feel discriminated against felt respected and safe during treatment. But coming outinfo-icon can be challenging, as it depends on your comfort with and trust in your doctors, where you live and how worried you are about breast cancer treatment.

The first in LBBC’s Breast Cancer inFocus series, this short guide will help you decide whether you should come out to your care team and give tips on talking about your orientation or gender identity with healthcare professionals. It offers personal stories of others who have dealt with coming out while coping with a breast cancer diagnosisinfo-icon, and advice on how to determine if your treatment center is accepting.

The guide was written with guidance from a team of healthcare professionals, advocates and LGB people impacted by breast cancer. Further online content is available on


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