Breast Cancer Helpline Volunteer

Thank you for your interest in volunteering for LBBC’s Breast Cancer Helpline. We have received an unprecedented number of applications for our July 2020 training—a testament to the compassion that the present moment has demanded—and regret that we cannot accept additional applications at this time.

We encourage you to bring your drive and compassion to other volunteer opportunities. At LBBC, we value volunteers above all; we look to them to guide how we develop our initiatives and further connect with the breast cancer community. Our volunteers help carry out our mission in ways large and small.

Though we are no longer accepting applications for the Helpline in 2020, we anticipate adding to our volunteer base again in the future. Below are details about volunteer eligibility and responsibilities: 

Who is eligible to apply?

We encourage anyone with breast cancer who is at least one year post-diagnosis to apply. This includes individuals of all backgrounds, diagnosis type, treatment plans, and more. We hope to build a diverse group of volunteers who represent a range of breast cancer experiences.

What is expected of me?

LBBC expects that volunteers will conduct their match calls with compassion and an open mind to the diverse set of experiences within the breast cancer community. 

Volunteers are expected to participate in a new volunteer training as well as two or more continuing education or check-in calls throughout the year. The continuing education and check-in calls supplement the initial training volunteers receive.

Volunteers can anticipate making occasional calls to someone requesting a match. Matches are determined by the type of support the caller seeks, as well as the type of support the volunteer can provide.  Because of this, service hours depend upon our callers’ needs.

While many volunteers choose to serve for years, some opt to serve for a shorter period of time.

Breast Cancer Helpline volunteers are trained to use their personal experiences along with trusted information and resources from Living Beyond Breast Cancer to help others who have been diagnosed with breast cancer. 

Learn more about the Breast Cancer Helpline here.  If you or anyone else in your life could benefit from the compassionate guidance and support offered by our volunteers, please be in touch with us.


Casey O’Neill
Support Services Coordinator
Living Beyond Breast Cancer
Phone: 610-645-4567, Ext.152

The Breast Cancer Helpline is made possible in part due to the generous support of: