> Jane Armer, RN, PhD, FAAN

Jane Armer, RN, PhD, FAAN



Jane Armer, RN, PhD, FAAN is a professor at the University of Missouri Sinclair School of Nursing and director of nursing research at Ellis Fischel Cancer Center. She is well-known for her research on anthropometric measurement of limb volume in post-breast cancer lymphedema; signs, symptoms and self-management of lymphedema among women treated for breast cancer; and the psychological impact of lymphedema. Her research focuses on the more-than-two-million women living with breast cancer in the US who are at risk of developing lymphedema during their lifetime. 

Dr. Armer serves on the medical advisory committee of the National Lymphedema Network, the board of directors of the Lymphedema Association of North America (LANA), and the international advisory board of the International Lymphedema Framework. She was a founding director of the American Lymphedema Framework Project, a nonprofit, national collaborative organization that assesses and promotes healthcare services and advances the quality of lymphedema care in the US. 

Dr. Armer is a nurse scientist member of The Alliance, a national medical oncology clinical trials research group, where she is a member of the oncology nursing group and symptom intervention subcommittee. She maintains continuously funded research at the University of Missouri, including what is thought to be the longest-running follow-up cohort of women with breast cancer from time of diagnosis through 7 years after surgery using rigorous anthropometric and psychosocial measures. In 2003, Dr. Armer published a validated symptom tool, the Lymphedema and Breast Cancer Questionnaire, which is now widely used in clinical and research settings.