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Joy Jenrette



Joy Jenrette was diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer in 2008 at age 25, then had an early-stage recurrence in 2012. She was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer in 2018 and is living and working in Atlanta. Joy is a Living Beyond Breast Cancer Hear My Voice advocate. Since her metastatic diagnosis, she's learned a great deal about the importance of self-advocacy, especially when it comes to receiving quality treatment, and she is passionate about sharing what she's learned to help other women feel empowered to improve their quality of life until there is a cure for this disease.

Like many women living with this disease, Joy has had a roller coaster of a journey, but is focused on loving and living life with as much joy (pun intended) as she can. She's blessed to have the loving support of her husband, friends, and family.

As part of her advocacy journey, she has participated in LBBC's first virtual Hear My Voice Metastatic Advocacy Program class, LBBC conference panels, and an Anthropologie-LBBC breast cancer campaign, and represents LBBC at Tigerlily's Young Women’s MBC Disparities Alliance. She has also participated in the Susan G. Komen’s In My Own Voice program, Komen’s RealPink Podcast, Komen's national TV and radio metastatic breast cancer awareness campaign, and various other panels, forums, and campaigns about living with metastatic breast cancer, self-advocating, and disparities for Black women with breast cancer.

She is very excited to be a member of LBBCs board of directors to give back to an organization that helped guide her and continues to guide her through her metastatic breast cancer journey and has also helped her find her voice as an advocate.