> Lidia Schapira, MD, FASCO

Lidia Schapira, MD, FASCO



Lidia Schapira, MD, FASCO is an associate professor of medicine at Stanford University School of Medicine and director of cancer survivorship at the Stanford Comprehensive Cancer Institute. She specializes in the care of women with breast cancer and of people who have had all types of cancers.

Dr. Schapira's clinical research is dedicated to improving quality of life and reducing the burden of suffering for patients and cancer survivors. She is a co-investigator in a longitudinal study of young women with breast cancer based at the Dana Farber/Harvard Cancer Center in Boston. Dr. Schapira studies ways of improving communication between patients and clinicians, with the ultimate goal of improving the experience and health outcomes of people living with cancer and their family caregivers. She has pioneered workshops and developed innovative educational programs to improve the communication skills of cancer clinicians and build effective and compassionate teams, and has been a champion of promoting patient activation and self-management at all phases of the cancer journey.

Dr. Schapira is the editor-in-chief of cancer.net, the American Society of Clinical Oncology's website for people with cancer and their families, and serves as consultant editor for the Journal of Clinical Oncology. She served on the board of directors of the American Psychosocial Oncology Society and is a fellow of ASCO.