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August 25, 2021
Eric Fitzsimmons

COVID-19, also called the coronavirus, has caused stress and uncertainty for people around the world. Many  in our community are worried about the risks to their health because of underlying conditions, such as a weakened immune system as a side effect of breast cancer treatments. After a year of the pandemic, many continue to struggle with the isolation of limiting human contact and making the best decisions for their health. The FDA approvals of multiple vaccines has raised new questions and challenges as people try to learn when and how they might get vaccinated.

Know that you are not alone. LBBC is here to keep you informed during the COVID-19 outbreak and to support your mental health. We'll share new resources as more information becomes available.

Resources for COVID-19

Many people in active treatment for early-stage or metastatic breast cancer have weakened immune systems as a result of breast cancer treatments. There’s also the health-related anxiety you could feel around the constant COVID-19 news and the effects of distancing from other people. You may have questions about the vaccines or how to get a vaccine in your state. Here are helpful resources to help you stay safe and healthy throughout the pandemic.

Information on COVID-19 vaccines

Living Beyond Breast Cancer supports putting people with cancer in high priority groups for vaccination. Read our Letter to President Biden and leaders of state public health departments: prioritizing COVID-19 vaccines for patients with cancer and survivors of cancer, co-signed with the American Association for Cancer Research and over 120 cancer organizations in the U.S.

Medical resources from our trusted experts

Stories from women living with a breast cancer diagnosis

Resources to manage stress and anxiety during the pandemic

Financial resources

Additional resources to manage stress and anxiety

Much of the advice LBBC shares about protecting your mental health through breast cancer treatment and beyond will continue to serve you well in dealing with the uncertainties of COVID-19 and social distancing. Now is a good time to discover or revisit this helpful content. Where needed, think how you can change things while avoiding contact with others, such as using online support groups, reaching people through phone and video calls, and finding ways to exercise in your house.

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