Rocking and Raising at Annual Benefit Concert

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June 13, 2017
Jessica A. Betts, Associate Director, Development

In 2015, after Keith Marlowe’s wife, Lise, was diagnosed with breast cancer, he and his band, The Miners, played a concert to benefit a breast cancer organization. A tradition was born.

On March 4, 2017, The Miners headlined their third annual breast cancer benefit, the last two of which have benefited LBBC. This year’s concert also featured the bands Loose and Alright and Reckless Amateurs, and was held at Philadelphia’s World Cafe Live. Close to 200 people attended this all-ages show, which raised $2,000 for LBBC from ticket sales, donations and an on-site raffle.

The Miners already had a strong following in Philadelphia for their alt-country/Americana sound when they started planning the first benefit concert, in 2015. They found the perfect partner venue, World Cafe Live, to host the benefit, and the band was happy to donate its cut of the proceeds to breast cancer awareness. 

After the first concert was a success, Keith knew he wanted to turn it into an annual event. Starting with their second show, proceeds from the concerts have been donated to LBBC, which the Marlowes had become familiar with after Lise’s diagnosis. Lise attended LBBC conferences and webinars while going through treatment. She participated in an LBBC photo shoot and had her picture featured in LBBC publications. Since 2016, the Miners have raised close to $4,000 for LBBC. 

Much of the audience for each year’s benefit has been comprised of the parents of students at nearby Germantown Friends School, and even some students, since World Café Live is open to people of all ages. Keith and Lise’s daughter is a graduate of the school and their son is a student there, and when booking the benefit Keith purposely chooses supporting bands that are also connected to the school. That way, there is built-in audience interest. The school even helps publicize the concerts on its social media pages. Now, people are expecting the concert each year and asking when it will be scheduled.

 “This is our biggest show of the year,” says Keith. “It’s for a great cause and we do like playing to a full house.”  

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